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In July 2001 it became compulsory for all new vehicles to be fitted with an immobiliser system that meets the Australian Design Requirements (AS/NZS 4601:1999)

Most vehicles manufactured after 1996 are fitted with a key transponder system.
The reason car manufacturers favoured using transponder keys was the realiability and because they are perceived to be the most impervious to theft. Most types of transponder chips don't require the use of batteries and therefor there are no moving parts, in fact most people dont even realise that there is a transponder chip inside the plastic head of the key.

Below are photos of the two most commonly used carbon and glass transponder chips being used on the market today.

A key without a programmed transponder chip will turn in all locks but will not start the vehicle.

At Instant Locksmiths, we stock most transponder keys and have the ability to supply, cut and program most genuine and aftermarket keys on site.

In the event that all keys are lost, we are able to diagnostically program replacement keys or directly reprogram the cars ECU. Some vehicles require a pin code to allow programming of replacement keys. In most cases we are able to bypass the need to enter an immobiliser pin code. On some vehicles the immobiliser pin code must be sourced from a dealer or can be purchased through us at an additional cost.

Should you have a current working key and only require a second or spare key, we have the equipment to copy your existing key information to a new replacement key.
This process is referred to as 'cloning', as it copies data from the source key to a new key.

If you are unsure if your vehicle uses a transponder chip, please contact us.

Carbon Transponder Chip Glass Transponder Chip Transponder Key
Carbon Transponder Chip Glass Transponder Chip Transponder Key